All of our horses are started in the spring of their 2 year old year. They are all worked with on a regular basis and are easy to handle. Each horse clips, baths, ties quietly and can be rode with or without other horses. We do lots of trail riding, arena work and ground work on our young horses. As they progress we start them on cattle, the mechanical cow, mountain trips and we follow the heel-o-matic. Most of our young horses have had a rope swung off of them and will start roping the heel-o-matic when they are comfortable. In the spring i pick a few and use them to calve out cows. From here we decide which way each horse will be stronger. Whether it be the show pen, roping, reining, working cow horse, cutting arenas, all around or a great companion and trail horse.

Vaccination Program
Spring - 4 way / west Nile Rhino/Influenza,
Fall - Rhino & Influenza and every 2 months on show horses
Rhino - 5,7,9 on pregnant mares
Pinnical - strangles vaccination each fall
West nile -each spring

Every 3 months,

Hoof Care
Trims or reset every 8 weeks
Sharp shoes on working horses during the winter
Sliders with removable corks for slippery conditions.

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Come and ride, check out our horses or drop in for a coffee.

All of our sale horses are divided by the year they were born. please place your mouse on the 'sale horse' icon and the sub-pages will come up. So if the drop down windows do not show up PLEASE let me know. Thanks

As we do advertise on other web sites that may not be updated on a regular basis, you may see price discrepancy from site to site. The prices that we have listed on our site are what we are asking for each horse and that it the price that we will honor.

All horses are priced in CANADIAN dollars (GST NOT included). We are open to offers on some horses and not on others.  We may consider taking partial trades on some of our horses.
Transportation and Vet checks can be arranged at the buyers expense unless otherwise stated.

ALL HORSES ARE PRICED IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. GST will be added to all horses and services.

We do except personal cheques but, the horse(s) must stay at our place (at no extra cost) until the money clears. At this time you will be notified to make arrangements’ for pick up and given the necessary papers work. Horses must be picked up within 5 days time of notification or there will be a daily charge for board. Unless prior arrangements have been made.

thanks Brandy, Wasey and Danika Scott