SHEISAPLAYBOYBUNNY - 2013 filly red roan

RED ROAN FILLY by playgirls spoonful (hesapeptospoonful x freckles playboy) and out of our very own ORION HAILEY BAR (proven producing mare). very flashy. the only baby I have left out of our best mare Haliey.

very athletic, feely and wow is she ever athletic. We have been ranching on Zeva for the last 2 summers. She has tons of try and is amazing in the bush. Ride her alone or with others. Love this mare. Should be in the cutting, cow horse, or barrel pen. So soft and willing. Starting to follow the heel-o-matic on her and we have started roping on her

ranching on her has been easy point and go. huge heart, very cowy, lots of go. even started to pattern her. 
started on the barrel pattern, started in heading and heeling box

ZEVA is patterened and won money at her first jack pot. entered in the futurities this fall.

2017 BUCKLE WINNER. Zeva is now a money earning barrel horse. we also won a buckle at the futurity this weekend. 

sugar - bay mare

Sugar is an amazing 5 year old. We have been moving cows sorting, crashing brush, and starting to team rope on her. Quietest filly I have ever rode.  started to doctor cows and yearlings on her. sugar is super cool. will be a great kids horse in a few years. kick her out get on and go type.

kids have been riding sugar. she is perfect for them. wasey rode her in the mountians, moved cows on her and has started on the barrel pattern.

2017 spring sugar is a super star in the branding pen.

2018 wasey is starting to team rope on this amazing mare